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Lee Boswell - Clinical Physiologist/Scientist


Solely responsible for the provision, management and development of the highly specialised services of clinical physiology, including service planning, policy development, audit, quality control, equipment care and overall administration of the services provided.

Working at an independent practitioner level he determines, plans, performs, interprets and reports on a wide range of diagnostic physiological measurements in three specialist areas; cardiorespiratory, audiology and neurology, providing support for clinicians and general practitioners, and liaising with other health care professionals as an educational source. A comprehensive hearing aid service in accordance with the National Health Services 'Modernising Hearing Aid Services' or privately can also be provided.

In addition to the investigations listed below the following services and training can be procured:

  • Neonatal Screening (Newborn Hearing Screening Program (NHSP))
  • Paediatric Audiological Assessments
  • School Entry Screening Hearing Tests, including retests
  • PULHEEMS assessments and clinical audiology when a change is detected, e.g. H2 to H3
  • Hearing Conservation testing for service, industrial or work assessments
  • Training/Refresher courses for School Hearing Screeners
  • Audiology Screening Courses for Primary Health Care Staff
  • Electrocardiography practical for Primary and Secondary Health Care Staff
  • Electrocardiography Interpretation for Medical Staff



Electrocardiography (ECG)

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Ambulatory ECG (monitoring & analysis) incl. ST

Ambulatory EEG

Maximal Exercise Stress Testing

Visual Evoked Potentials

Echocardiography (incl. Doppler/Colour Flow)

Auditory Evoked Potentials

Cardio Memo's & Event Recording

Nerve Conduction Studies

Peripheral Vascular Studies

Multiple Sleep Latency Test

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Somato-sensory Evoked Potentials

Non-invasive Haemodynamic Assessment




Pulmonary Function



Air/Bone Conduction Hearing Test

Exercise Spirometry (incl. Cold Air Challenge)


Pre/Post Bronchodilation Spirometry

Evoked Response Audiometry

Progressive Work Test (VO2 Max.)

Auditory Brainstem Response

Polysomnography (Sleep Apnoea Recording)

Oto-Acoustic Emissions (Transient/Distortion Product)

Total Lung Capacity, Body Plethysmography


Transfer Factor Test (TLCO)

Acoustic Reflex Testing

Flow Loop Volume

Speech Audiometry

Metacholine Challenge Testing

Specialist Tests Incl. Tone Decay, ABLB, Stengers

Histamine Challenge Testing

Auditory Steady State Response





Clinical/Medical Photography

Allergy Testing

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